Tricord is the buyer’s agent of choice
for Sydney home buyers and property investors.

We can assist all kinds of property buyer’s needs and help in the selection of an ideal investment property. We also have an additional specialisation in home loans for doctors and medical practitioners.

Tricord is a Sydney-based property broker, with a difference.

At Tricord we have access to hundreds of “off-market” property listings and yes, we’ll do all the legwork to find you an ideal investment property that fits your budget, needs and preferences. We too can help find you a better finance deal and get your loan approved fast.

We make the following things easy and convenient for you:

  • Market research
  • Buying a home
  • Purchasing an investment property
  • Growing property portfolio
  • Building wealth
  • Financing

We also believe that mortgages and debt are an important component of your personal finances that must be carefully managed. We focus heavily on structuring your debt correctly to maximise your long-term wealth prospects. By carefully managing the finance of any property deal, we stand alone in the market from other buyers agents.

At the core of our business, we aim to provide our clients with a holistic approach to property investment, portfolio management and mortgage finance.

Our main point of difference to other property brokers is that we are highly active in both helping clients purchase their own home, as well as dealing in the property investment space. Our experience enables us to spot which properties are worth considering and will likely provide better value in the future. We help you manage your debt by getting the right financing for your property investment.

Tricord Property Broker

Our clients are usually professionals, and we have a particular specialisation in property investment for doctors and medical staff. But regardless of industry or occupation, we offer our clients property investment advice and buyers advocacy services, with focus on the bigger picture when it comes to these investments.

We understand that the quality of the investment product is not limited to the property itself, but also in how the finances are structured around this property and what risk mitigation strategies are in place to protect the asset and the investor.

Our Philosophy

We understand you work hard, so our philosophy is that your property portfolio and finances should always be working hard to build your wealth too.

Our property Investment Approach

Here at Tricord, we take a different approach to mortgage finance and formulate strategies that will maximise return on each property investment.

Our Aim

Our aim is to contribute something positive to your financial position and investment goals. Our team of property brokers will help you achieve your financial goals faster.

Why Tricord?

  • Our property investment strategy includes ‘rapid debt reduction’, which is an effective way of reducing risk in the investment through the creation of equity in the property.
  • Our property investment clients can benefit from positive cash-flow and surplus funds that we are able to generate from their property investments.
  • Effectively, we aim to create equity for our clients on two fronts— through debt reduction and natural capital growth.

  • Our property analysis software will guide clients to purchase suitable investment grade properties that will ideally return above average capital growth in the short to medium term.