Home Loans for Doctors in Sydney

If you are a medical doctor or practitioner, did you know that you could borrow up to 90% of the purchase price and not pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance (or LMI)?

People in the medical profession are often seen as having greater job security and stability than most and, therefore, are deemed less of a risk than most. This is why medical practitioners can borrow greater than 80% of the purchase price and avoid paying a ‘Lender’s Mortgage Insurance’ (LMI) premium, often saving tens of thousands of dollars.

Home loans with as little as 10% deposit are possible for medical practitioners, without having to pay LMI.

Medical Mortgage

At Tricord, we understand your needs as a medical doctor or practitioner seeking a home loan.

We are specialists in home loans for doctors, including surgeons, registrars, GPs, specialists and medical administrators. We have a dedicated team that can help medical practitioners find the right mortgage to meet their needs. We are experts in arranging mortgage finance for medical professionals and specialise in offering secure debt to maximise tax benefits. We make it easier to buy a dream home. 

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